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Trapped in Room 217 by Thomas Kingsley Troupe

Trapped in Room 217 - Thomas Kingsley Troupe

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Trapped in Room 217 (Haunted States of America series) by Thomas Kingsley Troupe is a quick, fun, and spooky MG horror story that is easily read by children from age 8 to 99. I love the idea for this series as each story features ghost stories and creepy mysteries from each state. But I have bit of a confession to make: I only picked this book up because of its setting. The horror fans among you are nodding knowingly right now, but for those of you who aren't familiar with the Stanley Hotel, let me explain: it's the inspiration for Stephen King's novel The Shining and Stanley Kubrick's subsequent film adaptation of the same name. Thomas Kingsley Troupe slips in a few clever nods to those works, but Trapped in Room 217 is definitely its own story. Troupe is more interested in one particular tale from the Stanley's haunted history than in hedge mazes or bloody elevators.


This installment tackles The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.


I actually knew about the location before i read the book, as excited as i was to read it, but i read it a lot slower than I normally when I love a book.. I was just so scared at 8pm trying to read this.. It doesn’t have the super creepy factor but still a well-written and interesting story. The author did a great job with the story and I was a satisfied reader!

Powerful Destiny By Tricia McGill

Powerful Destiny - Tricia McGill

The Vikings were a greatly feared people, and they ranged far and wide. This was seen in how Ms. McGill explains Rolf in the first half of the story but when Rolf sees his "destiny" he realizes she's meant to be his although he is now her enemy and her captor. Brigid has to learn to accept the fate that has destroyed her life but offered her a new chance at happiness..


This story is all about reincarnation which is something I believe strongly in and is very warm to my heart. I just love how Ms. McGill explains everything in the story which is transcending.


Ms. McGill has a wonderful knowledge about vikings which sucked me into this book then did not let me go. In-fact there is no sugar-coating the horrors of the Viking raids and at that time, the raids were bloody and merciless. However, people of that time did not have the choices we have now. War and raids were a fact of life, especially along the coast. 


The second part of the story takes place in modern times, when another Rolf, looking for a gift for his niece, bumps into a woman who seems eerily familiar, and he finds himself wondering if destiny, or fate, really does exist. A romantic fast moving book will sweep you away to another time and place then make you believe in a love ruled by fate. I'm pretty down with that and you should to.


Z-Bot by S. C. Mitchell

Z-Bot - S.C.  Mitchell

Disclaimer: I received this ark at no cost to me for a honest and very opinionated review.


So this book just throws you into it. Like really? Good for me cause I want to be picked up and tossed into good things: food, books, and the bed ;).

“Oh, yeah?” A sexy half-grin played across his luscious lips. “How’m I doin’?”

(Page 120).

Chris, a new turned robot with way too much information and re-animated parts that goes very, very wrong.  Then you get the scientist working on subject whose soul doesn't 100% leave the body.. oh no right?.. so the nanobots then the adventure. Welcome to Z-Bot! Your new favorite hero next to Deadpool and Spiderman.

The pull now came from below. Shit, I’m going to hell.

(Page 6).

This book has it all: a strong intelligent female character, technology far advance then our own, romance, a battle of good and evil (of course), action to die for, ethical dilemmas coming to question you, and a urban renewal to the mix. Its like Stan Lee had a apprentice and his name is S.C. Mitchell.

“I’m Chris Johnson.” She shook her head, resolve hardening her features. “He’s dead.” A chill knot fisted in his chest. “I’m not so sure of that anymore.”

(Page 33).

Anyone whom loves action super hero stories with a huge hint of romance would love this but also enough moments to find yourself laughing at where our super hero is a zombie but not a walking dead version but a strong sexy version. You get a little bit of everything with this fun humorous fast paced action packed book. You should of read it yesterday.


Path to Passion by Nana Prah

Path to Passion - Nana Prah

I would like to say I normally read romance and this one just fell off the tongue from the synopsis to the last page. This one is a hispanic and multicultural romance story involving our lovely Tanya Carrington and the devilishly handsome Miguel Astacio which his name alone sounds like a dream boat ready to win your heart with tequila, salsa dancing and fun night with delicious poro and flavors of a distant land.


Yeah i went a little dreamy on that description... It's like the books I would pick up at the library and swoon over in my younger days still in high school and innocent to the world. Thinking some handsome young prince would meet me and we ride off into the sunset. A plot that in captures every book I read 10+ years ago which I have yet to pick up since. It brought nostalgic thoughts of memories long ago that rode me till a was puddling for another book or wondering "what time is it?" because I read every page and now its 2 am and I have to be up in 6 hours.


Mrs. Prah writes her characters so well and gives them so much character and personality. From Tanya hotheaded irritable ways that I just love to see her win at love then there is our handsome tequila devilish handsome Miguel whom funny antics brings me laughter as I hope and hope for them to be a couple as my heart and happiness swoon till the end.


Their intertwined love forever together as Miguel does everything i wanted to win her over.. The one who got away.


Mrs. Prah writing style and how she entrances you as you go from one page to another like a lady on a quest to solve the mystery of a hidden treasure. It was so steady paced and instant actions on every turn that when I tried to put it down.. I couldn't. This doesn't happen often but when it does oh my god hold on because this is going to be a journey. Sliding onto the floor reading, laughing and moments of crying its been a wonderful ride. The devilishly handsome Miguel made me think of every soap drama i loved watching from other cultures and the romance just blooms like a steady flower ready to see the sun upon her lips. He got the long lost love and you just have to read to find out how.


Disclaimer: I received this ARK for a honest opinion on the book!


Sweet Scrifice by L. D. Rose

Sweet Sacrifice - L.D. Rose

My first book from L.D. Rose and Im quite interested in this one. I have never read any of her books and I am a sucker for paranormal books and its a romance book? I'm sold.

Disclaimer: "I received this book from Goddess Fish Promotions and L.D.Rose for review. Compensation for a honest review!"

”I’m here, waiting for you. I’ll be here forever, waiting for you.”

The emotions that happened within the first chapter alone was wow.. Just wow. Like why did i sign up for this emotional roller coaster where the author is just sitting over there laughing at my misery. She must feed of this?


We are introduced to Bash, Main character, quite quickly where we learn about him as a former Navy SEAL who died in the course of duty and is now working on the side of angels in a war against demons. Furthermore, Navy SEAL romances are considered a trope, a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression.  However, this is the first one I’ve ever read. I learned that it automatically assumes that the hero is honorable and there will be some violence however I am not big on the navy seal thing but maybe that's because my significant other is Army.

Fan-made teaser from one of my fabulous readers, Megan! <3

Now we go towards the angels. A lot of people love stories about angels and this howl concept just irked me. I learned that I am not a huge fan of angels in romance stories.. So there is that. Why I’m happy with demons and vampires, but not angels is a mystery for another day. I will point out that this book wasn’t religious in any way, or to my mind, blasphemous, so…. there’s that. Which is good because I do not read anything with religious undertones. I tend to just sit them back down where I found them and pretend I never attempted to read it. Some had passed through to the end but most have not. So i was glad to see this wasn't religious in any way!

Shadows shifted in the brush, and Bash catalogued
every one. I don’t care what his name is. It won’t matter in
ten minutes anyway.

The most compelling part was the authors writing style which is why I devoured this book all in one. A mix of paranormal and mundane reality to highlight the magical pieces and romance. It’s a solid love between two normal people, cut short by tragedy. There are surprisingly a lot of love stories that happen like this which is cut short because something happened. What’s especially refreshing is that the couple is already married, so there’s none of the ‘getting to know each other’ stage which I know some people find tedious. This was quite nice because I did not have to go through the "why didn't" and "well why not" stuff that happen when two are trying to understand each other.

Reader-made teaser from the fab Bewitched Reader!

The stark reality of grief that Irene lost her husband to war two years ago and she can still barely function, knowing that there are millions of women out there like her that will never see their loved ones again breaks my heart. I know so many women and men we feel this way about the love ones they lost at war or whom went MIA. Its so sad but it’s also the reason I can’t watch war films or documentaries and don’t think I’ll be able to read another soldier romance again!



This was actually a great book from the author and I would highly recommend it for fans of romance, especially paranormal romance, who enjoy a good tearjerker! Like I said I did not care for the angel parts or the navy seal thing but overall the plot and story line was so en-captivating. Sweet Sacrifice receives 4 out of 5 stars for the wonderful writing, intense story line and great descriptions. Thanks L.D.Rose!

Sweet Sacrifice

Sweet Sacrifice - L.D. Rose This was actually a great book from the author and I would highly recommend it for fans of romance, especially paranormal romance, who enjoy a good tearjerker! Like I said I did not care for the angel parts or the navy seal thing but overall the plot and story line was so en-captivating. Sweet Sacrifice receives 4 out of 5 stars for the wonderful writing, intense story line and great descriptions. Thanks L.D.Rose!

Beauty and the Geek

Beauty and the Geek - Sidney Bristol The twist, the turns, the surprises from the start and moments I just want to throw the book across the room. It has it all! Moments I just love and area's I just can't stand to read. I almost didn't pick this book back up but did because I can't leave a book when i'm two chapters from the end. Like come on.. So because of this it is a 4 out of 5 stars.

Hot Property

Hot Property - Susanne O'Leary Susanne O'Leary has written a charming, complex and beautiful story that leaves you craving more while giggling through it all. Her characters' depth, and the strong women she presents is what kept me going through the first few chapters while the location descriptions are very lovely as I can only imagine these are correct. So many twists and turns that left me shocked and kept me in the book. I loved this book and looking forward to reading the next book in the series! A lovely chick lit book that was an easy read with alot of depth and character. Definitely a great summer read with coffee while relaxing.


Bryce - Nana Malone The writing style was amazing and reading it was a joy till near the end of the book. Character creation was perfect and I felt there was a lot there to bit your teeth into. There was a bit negative that I just did not care for which was the last couple chapters, the fact it lost me halfway through the book and the way it ended...

Because You're Mine

Because You're Mine - K. Langston A quick and easy read I got for free because of my Kindle Unlimited subscription which paid off well because of my book club. I am very glad they made us read Because You're Mine by K, Langston.

The story is one you can relate to with the trails and tribulations of an early career, trail cases and a steamy questionable relation with the boss. The plot is one we see in many love at first sight books and there were many parts that engaged me, and the other readers of the book club. The people whom the main character, Maddie, met was someone you would have met in anyone's lifetime such as that friend you've known forever. The author did a wonderful job giving these other characters life and a personality to keep you reading and understanding even if some were not in the best of circumstances.

I very much enjoyed reading Because You're Mine where it is one of those books that just sticks with you while you read it and not want to put it down.

Madison and Holden’s personalities sometimes clash because they are both very much independent which makes me think of my relationship since we are both so independent along with being so stubborn. Madison and Holden were both stubborn as well which made it funny to read. I found myself at times wanting to pull my hair out while laughing at the same time. Their relationship (if you will) was so funny and careful and a breath a fresh country air to a city girl who does not even enjoy country things. This was a slight dissatisfaction for me cause of wanting to read a book not about country life but there are 30 of us in my book club... And oh boy when Maddie had her stubborn ways and spouted off with her dirty mouth Holden reacted like any full-blooded sexy cowboy or a strong man would!

So if you think that this story is going to be all sexy cowboys and feisty woman and everything is going to be hot and passionate Then there is something I need to tell you.. It's not because my heart dropped into my stomach  and naughty words were flying. My heart broke and my eyes started to water and all the tingle that were coursing through me just moments ago seized to exist. I was left broken. How could this happen to me from reading a book?

All in all with the moments of pure bliss and day dreaming why can't this be me all lead to a beautiful happy ending although I did get played, my heard did break and I hated what was happening at moments yet I just loved the ending. I wish the book was a wee bit longer but who am I to beg when there are more in this series to read! Go give Because You're Mine a read!

The Gargoyle

The Gargoyle - Andrew Davidson This is one of those books I got years ago, and to this day have no idea where it came from. I read it times over and it sits on my bookshelf till i read it again with book marks and tabs to my favorite parts. This book has been my love since forever!

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson was filled with intensity and creativity. From the first pages of the book through the end, the author delivers every single time. I read this book the first time during class in high school and while bored waiting for things to do.  I think it is intense because it deals with topics such as near death experiences, blood and gore, drug addiction, pornography, severe mental illness, unconditional love, and death. It is creative the way the author finds fresh ways of describing things.

I did not expect this book to be as good as it is. How it was written like a diary and how honest the character was. How the author was very meticulous with the burn treatment which was odd and just thrown you right into the book like a spider capturing its prey. It was factual and it really helped me understand the severity of the character's situation and what he was going through. And it wasn't just the physical side, the mental and emotional side was also very nicely written that it coincided with the whole ordeal he was going through. There were moments I would just cry and it gotten to the point I could only stand to read a chapter at a time. I had to take breathers between chapters because I would get to invested emotionally into the chapters between every word written. I was hooked.

Our narrator, who i shall mentioned we never found out his name was burned from head to toe, has lost hair, fingers, toes, even his manhood. He is scarred and mangled and has become grotesque in his outward appearance. He wishes to do nothing but survive long enough to be released from the hospital so he can then commit suicide. He feels his life is over and that he will be considered nothing short of a monster, a human gargoyle akin to Marianne's stone beasts.

Honestly, till this day I have never read a book with so much depth, growth, or emotion. It blows me away even after reading it for the 100th time and it still gets me. The reason I bought this copy is because whenever I can find it for cheap, I'll buy it and give it to friends or family. I just want to share it with everyone I can!

The story alternates between his metamorphosis from man to monster back to man again, with the seduction of Marianne and her marble cathedral behemoths, to an incredibly told story of a 14th century nun, bookmaker and expert on Dante's Inferno who rescues a German mercenary the first time he is nearly burned alive from flaming arrows.

Their medieval lives on the run, surrounded by well-developed accomplices and characters, in addition to their modern-day friends of a caustic art gallery agent, a quiet yet compassionate burn surgeon, a rebellious psychiatrist who falls in love with our narrator's Japanese physical therapist, all corral together for a literary extravaganza that will blow your mind. Also injected into the past and present stories, are other fairy tales that Marianne tells of tragic love stories from Iceland, Italy, England and Japan. Story within story within story, The Gargoyle is a panoramic vision of loves that are lost and found through torment.

For a debut novel this goes beyond talented into the realm of a creative masterpiece destined to be a collectible, film option and in my eyes a Pulitzer prize. This book would certainly be extremely well received in book club discussion groups due to many topics for philosophical debate, and could be compared to the ingenuity of Life of Pi which also wowed us into the realm of magic realism fiction.

This is one of the best, this is sensational, this is one of those books that will keep you awake for nights after finishing it. Standing ovation, a galaxy of stars, truly a sleeper worth unearthing and finding signed first editions of.

With beautiful and mesmerizing evocative prose, Andrew Davidson spins a hypnotic tale of a man and a woman destined for love many times over through a period of seven hundred years. I was hooked to never let my book leave me with its hard cover with red, yellows and orange flames. And i don't even think I actually reviewed the book to give it justice.