Blood Thirsty by Elizabeth St. John

Homecoming - Elizabeth St. John

Overall a great plot and story line for this book. Seemed so short and a lot of the pages read like a middle or high school diary. Some of it was easy while other parts was more like books of famous authors. Written like butter and slowly feed to you while you soak up every word that is on that page. Turning page by page before you know it half of the book is gone but with this one it seemed the author changed writing styles halfway through as if the author wasn't the author anymore. More editing would be lovely and come out with a revised version. Much work needed by this author but her dreams can be reached. The one character I loved was not the main one but Es or Esmeralda which comes into play a handful of times. Overall I give this book 2.5 stars due to the ending, the way the author seems to change and readability of this novel.