Perfect Mistake by Sophia Karlson

Perfect Mistake (Perfect, #1) - Sophia Karlson

 I received this ARC from Goddessfishpromotions in exchange for an honest review.


This is my first book by this author and the synopsis actually made me interested in this book. Interesting because I am normally not but very excited to read her work!


Very much enjoyed this easy spunky heroine of romance read. If i am trying to rekindle my romance I think the setting of bustling Dar es Salaam and the safari belt of Eastern Africa is a perfect. However, there are ivory tracking and other dangerous moments that is happening around them. How will this survive this and rekindle that flame?

Perfect weekend or rainy day reading. Sadly for me I was cuddled up on a chair next to a fan because of the scorching heat outside - just means I got to pretend I was on a lovely safari with our characters Carlo & Simone.  I'm a fan of exotic locations such as rain-forest destinations, ancient ruins of Mesopotamia and secret baby romances because that is exactly what we love right??

Well this one hit it right on the head. Perfect!