Women who Love Monsters by Lori Perkins

Women Who Love Monsters - Cynthia Ward, Katherine Ramsland, Laura Antoniou, Jennifer M. Bay-Williams, Cecilia Minden, Stanley G. Webb, Alfonso Gambardella, Trinity Blacio, Jamie K. Schmidt, Amy Stilgenbauer, Nathan Pettigrew, Jeffrey Archer, Truth Venson

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


A great book with many little stories from different authors. A few stories I was drawn to more than others while some I just did not care for. A few I hope will become actual novels like The Beast, The Vampire's Heart, The Ripper Letter.


This book did a wonderful job with listing the stories by which author so you can easily navigate to whom you wanted to read or just read from cover to cover. Very short excerpts, stories, chapters of the book, and so forth that kept things on their toes but these 13 women sure stepped out of their comfort zone to see what it is like to love a monster.