Because You're Mine

Because You're Mine - K. Langston A quick and easy read I got for free because of my Kindle Unlimited subscription which paid off well because of my book club. I am very glad they made us read Because You're Mine by K, Langston.

The story is one you can relate to with the trails and tribulations of an early career, trail cases and a steamy questionable relation with the boss. The plot is one we see in many love at first sight books and there were many parts that engaged me, and the other readers of the book club. The people whom the main character, Maddie, met was someone you would have met in anyone's lifetime such as that friend you've known forever. The author did a wonderful job giving these other characters life and a personality to keep you reading and understanding even if some were not in the best of circumstances.

I very much enjoyed reading Because You're Mine where it is one of those books that just sticks with you while you read it and not want to put it down.

Madison and Holden’s personalities sometimes clash because they are both very much independent which makes me think of my relationship since we are both so independent along with being so stubborn. Madison and Holden were both stubborn as well which made it funny to read. I found myself at times wanting to pull my hair out while laughing at the same time. Their relationship (if you will) was so funny and careful and a breath a fresh country air to a city girl who does not even enjoy country things. This was a slight dissatisfaction for me cause of wanting to read a book not about country life but there are 30 of us in my book club... And oh boy when Maddie had her stubborn ways and spouted off with her dirty mouth Holden reacted like any full-blooded sexy cowboy or a strong man would!

So if you think that this story is going to be all sexy cowboys and feisty woman and everything is going to be hot and passionate Then there is something I need to tell you.. It's not because my heart dropped into my stomach  and naughty words were flying. My heart broke and my eyes started to water and all the tingle that were coursing through me just moments ago seized to exist. I was left broken. How could this happen to me from reading a book?

All in all with the moments of pure bliss and day dreaming why can't this be me all lead to a beautiful happy ending although I did get played, my heard did break and I hated what was happening at moments yet I just loved the ending. I wish the book was a wee bit longer but who am I to beg when there are more in this series to read! Go give Because You're Mine a read!