Z-Bot by S. C. Mitchell

Z-Bot - S.C.  Mitchell

Disclaimer: I received this ark at no cost to me for a honest and very opinionated review.


So this book just throws you into it. Like really? Good for me cause I want to be picked up and tossed into good things: food, books, and the bed ;).

“Oh, yeah?” A sexy half-grin played across his luscious lips. “How’m I doin’?”

(Page 120).

Chris, a new turned robot with way too much information and re-animated parts that goes very, very wrong.  Then you get the scientist working on subject whose soul doesn't 100% leave the body.. oh no right?.. so the nanobots then the adventure. Welcome to Z-Bot! Your new favorite hero next to Deadpool and Spiderman.

The pull now came from below. Shit, I’m going to hell.

(Page 6).

This book has it all: a strong intelligent female character, technology far advance then our own, romance, a battle of good and evil (of course), action to die for, ethical dilemmas coming to question you, and a urban renewal to the mix. Its like Stan Lee had a apprentice and his name is S.C. Mitchell.

“I’m Chris Johnson.” She shook her head, resolve hardening her features. “He’s dead.” A chill knot fisted in his chest. “I’m not so sure of that anymore.”

(Page 33).

Anyone whom loves action super hero stories with a huge hint of romance would love this but also enough moments to find yourself laughing at where our super hero is a zombie but not a walking dead version but a strong sexy version. You get a little bit of everything with this fun humorous fast paced action packed book. You should of read it yesterday.