Path to Passion by Nana Prah

Path to Passion - Nana Prah

I would like to say I normally read romance and this one just fell off the tongue from the synopsis to the last page. This one is a hispanic and multicultural romance story involving our lovely Tanya Carrington and the devilishly handsome Miguel Astacio which his name alone sounds like a dream boat ready to win your heart with tequila, salsa dancing and fun night with delicious poro and flavors of a distant land.


Yeah i went a little dreamy on that description... It's like the books I would pick up at the library and swoon over in my younger days still in high school and innocent to the world. Thinking some handsome young prince would meet me and we ride off into the sunset. A plot that in captures every book I read 10+ years ago which I have yet to pick up since. It brought nostalgic thoughts of memories long ago that rode me till a was puddling for another book or wondering "what time is it?" because I read every page and now its 2 am and I have to be up in 6 hours.


Mrs. Prah writes her characters so well and gives them so much character and personality. From Tanya hotheaded irritable ways that I just love to see her win at love then there is our handsome tequila devilish handsome Miguel whom funny antics brings me laughter as I hope and hope for them to be a couple as my heart and happiness swoon till the end.


Their intertwined love forever together as Miguel does everything i wanted to win her over.. The one who got away.


Mrs. Prah writing style and how she entrances you as you go from one page to another like a lady on a quest to solve the mystery of a hidden treasure. It was so steady paced and instant actions on every turn that when I tried to put it down.. I couldn't. This doesn't happen often but when it does oh my god hold on because this is going to be a journey. Sliding onto the floor reading, laughing and moments of crying its been a wonderful ride. The devilishly handsome Miguel made me think of every soap drama i loved watching from other cultures and the romance just blooms like a steady flower ready to see the sun upon her lips. He got the long lost love and you just have to read to find out how.


Disclaimer: I received this ARK for a honest opinion on the book!

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